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02 May, 2011

Maybe Some of you do not already know or have Never Heard Log Zhelebour Rock Festival. The festival is a lot of rock bands Gave birth to Indonesia, the which has good qualities and skills. Log Zhelebour Rock Festival is a showcase of the most prestigious rock music compared with similar festivals ever held. Since it was first held, under the name Rock Festival-Indonesia Recorded A Few records. Among others, its implementation in the past 15 hours nonstop, from 10:30 to 01:30 hours. And was Attended by 30 rock bands from many cities in Indonesia are competing in The Biggest stage in the history of rock music performances in Indonesia at That time with the stage size 50x12 feet. Log Zhelebour Inaugural festival this guard on a football pitch 10 November, Tambaksari, Surabaya, on Sunday, April 14, 1984, with the support Lasika That sound-system serves the participants were the resource persons 30 rock group from Jakarta, Bandung, East Java and Bali. Like LCC, Flash Rock, Amara, Grass Rock, Blues Brothers, Full of Shit, Heaven, Literature Rock, vocation, Leizig, WarRock, Q Red, Squencer, Heart Breaker, Bomb Chankar, Sensitive Band, Matt Bitel, Nickey Astria, D 'Ronners, Smallers Band. Harley's Angels, 2nd Smile, Jamrock, Bissing, Drop Out and Elpamas. They bring a song selection and song compulsory Djarum Super "Oh joy Djarum Super Filter, oh Tasty Djarum Super Filter "to Compete for prizes Rp.3juta.

The jury consisted of Achmad Albar, Jelly Tobing, Ian Antono , Arthur Kaunang, Eternal Soesman and a representative from the Department of Education (Ministry of Education and Culture) select Harley Angles (Bali, Champion 1), LCC (Surabaya, champion 2) , Elpamas (Pandaan, champion 3), 2nd Smile (New York, a champion of hope) and Drop Out (Irian Jaya, the champion's favorite), Also chosen best male vokalist Bambang (Harley Angles), best female vokalist Chetty WAS (LCC ), the best bassist Indrawan (Harley's Angels), the best drummer Budi R (Jamrock, Bandung) and best keyboardist Andy (2nd Smile).

Indonesian rock music history has tertoreh with red ink on the first rock festival. Although not in the finals or won, a number of participants succeed Would a career in the music industry. One example, Jamrock group now known by the name Emerald .

Log success with its Inaugural Festival in 1984 the caused Djarum Super re willing to give support to the implementation of the festival the Following year, 1985, the which dijuarai Pandaan rock group, Malang, Elpamas. Elpamas menelorkan Totok Tewel reliable guitarist, WHO later worked with Various musicians and groups, leaders Takwa Among others Kantata Who Love music businessman Setiawan Djody. This group member a number of famous musicians Such as Jockey Soeryoprayogo, Inisistri, Donny Fattah, Iwan Fals , Sawung Jabo and Lace 1989 Until now.

Rock group from Surabaya three consecutive three-times champion dominated the festival of Grass Rock (1986), Adi Metal Rock Band (1987) and Power Metal (1989). Grass Rock was featured as a promising group, but unfortunately eventually disbanded after producing a number of Recordings. Guitarist, Eddy Kemput, Also a skilled musician and frequently collaborated with other musicians. While Power Metal is still showing its existence and in 2005 published a new record album by Logiss Records, the label That worked with Zhelebour Log Iwan Sutadi Sidarta Indo Semar Sakti with flags, the which memayung King Records label, Billboard, Aruna and Bulletin international community. Logiss is a combination of two names from LOG (Log Zhelebour) and ISS (Iwan Sutadi Sidarta).

At the 1986 festival rock group Slank Also in the finals, but managed only changed from a champion of entertainment. At the next festival, the which was held three years later, 1991, Log arm Gudang Garam as the Lenders. Semi-Finals held at the Finals in Surabaya and Malang, carrying the rock group The Emperor (Solo) as the best. Djarum New super back support log on the seventh festival two years later in 1993. The group menjuarainya this time is Andromeda's Rock Band (Surabaya), but the final was held in Yogyakarta. In 1996, Djarum Super sidelined and Log in cooperation with television stations Indosiar. Festival is the eighth of this champion is the rock group Teaser (Waterford).

After That this festival for five years was removed, Because of economic conditions, political and social development of our new time in 2001 Djarum Super re willing to be a supporter of the festival is the ninth. This time the festival Begins with the capture groups from EACH province, so do not be Surprised if it amounted to hundreds of group participants. Of all the selected group of 25 to enter the semifinals and then the best 10 groups fighting in the final round of Relp (South Jakarta), Dadoo (Gresik), Green Master (Malng), Shield (Bandung), Ungu5 (Kediri), Loe-Joe (Napier), Biroe (Denpasar), Shianida (Yogyakarta), Purnama (Medan), Arfa's (Napier). Who won this time Is That now changed its name Ungu5 group to U9.

With the Same system version Log rock music festival back Zhelebour lasted for the 10th time in 2004 and managed to capture the 800 groups in 18 provinces. From the event, the which lasted for 20 years so many born musician and singer of rock That determine the way rock music in Indonesia. In Addition Jamrud  and Slank, Totok Tewel and Eddy Kemput, there are names like bomerang installments, Eet Syarani guitarist, singer Mel Shandy, Ita Purnamasari WHO and others achieved success in Their careers after working out at a rock festival Log Zhelebour version.

For the 10th time in 20 years, rock music festival version Log Zhelebour Tambaksari Stadium stores place in Surabaya, 10-11 December 2004. Semi-Finals on the first day followed by 25 groups from 18 provinces: Cadenza, Pane (West Sumatra), Child Band (North Sumatra), Manggots (Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam), the See Band, Metaphor (South Sumatra), Ferrari, Miracles (West Java), Mr.B (Central Java), Reload (Yogyakarta), The Break, Kobe, Leaf (East Java), CTC Band, Big G 256 (Bali), Loe Joe, Indonesia Baru (South Sulawesi), Virgin 'N Untouchables (north Sulawesi), Traxtor (Central Sulawesi), Kanda (Jakarta), Take Over (Banten), Eldee Cool (East Kalimantan), Paris 208 (West Kalimantan), Mr.X (South Kalimantan), and Mario Bross (Central Borneo).

EACH group on average spent about 15 minutes to bring the two tracks (compulsory and optional) and preparation of musical instruments. As a result the appearance of the 25 group stores no Less than six hours and a total of seven plus afternoon prayer break. Needle-hour show at 23:30 pm Pls the jury began to meet to encompass 10 groups deserve in the finals the next day. While waiting, the band from Kediri, Ungu5, champion Djarum Super Rock Festival IX mengibur audience fatigue.

Approaching at 01 o'clock a jury consisting Artur Kaunang (musician), Mel Shandy (singer), Remy Sutansyah (journalist), Bens Leo (journalist), Yoyo (Rice), Raymond Ariaz (Power Metal), Arul Efansyah (Power Metal), Jockie Suryoprayogo (musician), Ian Antono (Musician), and Hubert Hendri (Boomerang) Announced The 10 finalists, the Take Over (Banten), Leaf Band (FC), Miracles (Bandung), Indonesia Baru (Pinrang), Eldee Cool (Samarinda ), Mr.X (Banjarmasin), Mr.B (Klaten), Kanda Band (Jakarta), Kobe (Sidoarjo) and Loe Joe (Napier). The event starts at 17:00 pm just ended before the early morning at 01.00.

The 10 finalists competed in front of That around 15.000 spectators packed the stadium Tambaksari WHO on the second night. Everything is Trying to look seekspresif possible. But unfortunately Some of the participants looked out of stamina and Pls Unable to play well in the semifinals. What stands out is the action of Billy, guitarist Miracles Band WHO demonstrate mastery of musical instruments and songs are excellent, good anthem and the song choice. No wonder if Billy and his group Became the choice of the jury, to be Able to overcome the nine other groups.

The champion Djarum Super Rock Festival-Indonesia to X at the Stadium Tambaksari Surabaya, 10-11 December 2004 is Miracle Band (Bandung, champion 1), Take Over (Banten, the champion 2), Loe Joe (Napier, champion 3), Mr.X (Banjarmasin, a champion of hope), Leaf Band (Kediri, champion favorite), Kobe (Sidoarjo, best performance), Billy (Miracles band, best guitarist), Ewin (Indonesian New Band, best drummer), Erwin Way ( Miracle Band, best bassist), Nora (Leaf Band, best keyboards) and Damar (Take Over Band) as the best vokalist.

Finally Djarum Super Rock Festival ended and eliminated. To replace it is Gudang Garam Rock Competition.

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